Multi Purpose Geo-information Interface

Multi Purpose Geoinformation Interface is aimed at mapping and editing data provided by other GIS components in a user-friendly mode (graphic representation on a map).

Intelligent decision Support System

 IDSS is aimed at decision suport and modeling of the IGIS objects’ actions at that implementing artificial intelligence approaches and techniques. IDSS is built on the base of "Visual environment for 3-D modeling" (full-functional version is available to download).

Protege-based system for ontologies' development and support

State-of-the-art requirements to control systems stipulate the scope of currently solved tasks enhancement. Heterogeneous Information sources are used for these tasks solving, at that quantitative and qualitative constituents of information resources are differentiated.

Subsystem of documents’ circulation support

   Subsystem of “Documents circulation support” is a software module designed for a unified information representation and exchange between different software products. This subsystem allows presenting electronic documents as an aggregate of objects and their relations.

Hydro acoustic calculations system

 Hydro acoustic calculations system is a software product designed for ray-path and wave methods based calculation of a sound energy loss in marine environment for infrasonic and sonic frequency ranges.