Project “Operative Level Training System (OLTS)” has been developed as a Software Complex for Information Support and Automation of Staff Personnel Functional Activity at Naval Bases’ Combat Information Centers, “ONTOMAP-V1”.

    ONTOMAP-V1was included in a trade list of “RosOboronExport” Ltd. for realization on export.

    The software complex is intended for practical training aimed at making well substantiated decisions and planning operations of Naval forces at running the combat missions and theoretical education of Naval personnel.
    «ONTOMAP – V1» Major Functions:

  • Assuring the theoretical education of the naval officers;
  • Assuring the practical training of the naval officers including exercises and computer war games (the top degree of practical training);
  • Analysis of the executed exercises and war games taking into account that Knowledge is a practical Naval decision–makers (admirals and senior officers) response to the challenges of modern operations of the Navy;
  • Discovery of new knowledge or epistemology (modern epistemological theory holds that knowledge results from the building of computerized models of reality in order to solve problems) based upon the conducted “computer operations” needed to develop a substantiated system approach or “edifice” regarding the Navy development in the XXI century (Support of the Naval Doctrine and Manuals elaboration).