Innovation activities of OOGIS Research Laboratory

    1. Development of innovation process infrastructure including information support system, expert system, financial and economic system, production and technological support, certification and developments’ promotion system.

    2. Refining the innovation projects’ assessment system

    3. Forming and selection of relatively small number of major base technologies affecting productivity enhancement and products’ competitiveness:

  • Intelligent GIS theory and technologies.
  • Management decision support systems based IGIS.
  • Monitoring systems of different destination and scale.
  • Systems detecting physical objects.
  • Complex data, information and knowledge processing.
  • Programming, modeling and computer systems.

    4. Developing and refining innovation activities’ legal and normative support, mechanisms of the latter motivating, intellectual property protection in innovations’ activities sphere and its introduction into business circulation.

   A joint-stock company “Hi Tech Research and Development Bureau Ltd (HTR&DB)” was established for commercialization of research and technological results of the OOGIS Laboratory.
   Laboratory’s objectives regarding innovations, current state of innovation activities and major innovation projects are presented on the web-site of HTR&DO.